“THE COMMISSION” – project history

An Indie Feature can take a long time to complete --- especially when a lone filmmaker is doing all the work. That is the true definition of an "independent film."

After being named “Best Emerging Narrative Feature” when screened “in-progress” at the I.F.P. Independent Feature Market Awards in New York (their top award, along with a $160,000 post production package), “THE COMMISSION” moved into the final stages of editorial changes and sound mixing. This project began photography a number of years ago, funded by me on sets built in my livingroom(!), and post production is expected to continue through 2011, with additional sequences now being added.

Also while in progress, The Commission was invited to screen “in-progress” in Washington DC as part of the 40th Anniversary Symposium on the Warren Report. The early comments were quite encouraging, as this was a group of “Warren Commission experts and historians.”

Previously, early cuts of the film screened as a “Work-In-Progress” at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles and at the USA Film Festival in Dallas. While significantly different from the emerging final cut, both screenings proved of great importance in obtaining audience feedback in order to help make editorial decisions relating to refining the complex structure of the film.