Mark Sobel - Director / Producer

During the 1990s, Mark directed dozens of hours of many popular TV shows on primetime television. His creative diversity ranges from directing the pilot episode of SHOWTIME's "The Outer Limits" series, the 2-hour pilot of ABC's popular series "The Commish" starring Michael Chiklis, the first episode of the long-running "Seventh Heaven," FOX Network's dark and quirky "Strange Luck," the ABC comedy/romance/adventure "Lois and Clark," to the western "Lonesome Dove: the series." He has also directed 8 Motion Pictures for Network and Cable Television.






William Matson Law - Producer

Several years ago, William Matson Law set out on a 'personal quest' to reach an understanding of the events of November 22, 1963, and the days that followed.

In the Eye of History" comprises "conversations" with eight individuals: * Dennis David * Paul O'Connor * James Jenkins * Jerrol Custer * Saundra Spencer * Ex-FBI Special Agents James Sibert and Frances O'Neill * Harold Rydberg

For the first time, these eyewitnesses relate their stories comprehensively in their own words. Law allows them to tell it as they remember it without attempting to fit any pro- or anti-conspiracy agenda. The reader is the judge of these eyewitness accounts and their implications.

Law is now working on a book based on the interviews filmed for "RFK."



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