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                        Mark Sobel - Director


Mark Sobel has directed 8 Motion Pictures for Network and Cable Television, typically in the thriller-adventure genre,

as well as the indie feature "little secrets."

During the 1990s, Mark directed dozens of hours of many popular TV shows on    

primetime television. His creative diversity ranges from directing the 1 hour pilot episode

of SHOWTIME's "The Outer Limits," to the 2-hour pilot of ABC's popular series

"The Commish" starring Michael Chiklis, which ran on ABC for 5 seasons; also the pilot completion and the first episode

of the 11-year running "Seventh Heaven," FOX Network's dark and quirky "Strange Luck," the ABC

comedy/romance/adventure "Lois and Clark," and the western "Lonesome Dove: the series."  He

also directed many of the most edgy shows of the 1990s including the CBS thriller "The Equalizer,"

                 which he also Produced, as well Directing ABC's Gabriel's Fire," starring James Earl Jones.

Mark has devoted recent years to directing a couple of small, personally financed indie feature projects, both now in post production.