"little secrets"     


Six Women, all best friends from high school in Southern California in the 1970s, gather together on the eve of their 10th reunion to reflect on, and for some to relive, their past.  Having sworn eternal friendship then, the women are forced now to question the longevity of their oaths as they recognize the inevitable effects of time. 

(Cannes) "A deepening series of moments of truth ... I found myself involved in the story ... indeed a 'theatrical film' - high praise, meaning it could attract customers."  

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times  


"innovative and outstanding ... (updates) the likes of American Graffiti and The Big Chill. A delightful labor of love from director and screenwriter, who together produced this bittersweet reunion tale." American Film Institute Preview Magazine  


"Little Secrets is a nicely scoped glimpse into the dreams, frustrations and situations of young women who once had that golden girl promise ... Secrets brims with the bottled-up strength of young lives already tempered by lost dreams, loves and compromises. Under director Mark Sobel's light and firm hand, the performances are sound."  Hollywood Reporter   


"Every weekend for two years, Sobel, along with the six-woman cast, got together to shoot scenes from the film, budgeted at $100,000. Little Secrets echoes 'The Big Chill.' Its skillful weaving of past and present merits praise ... a dream and a vision ..."  Paris Free Voice              

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(c) Mark Sobel