2008 "Work-In-Progress" Awards

Among recognition received at "work-in-progress" screenings in 2008:

Outstanding Documentary, Sacramento International Film Festival

Most Outstanding Documentary, Seattle True Independent Film Festival

Best Documentary, San Francisco Film and Music Festival

Best American Independent Feature, Iowa Arts Festival

Best Documentary Feature (and audience award), Moondance Film Festival (Boulder)

"RFK" was screened as a "work-in-progress" at a few regional film events in the US during 2008. These screenings were essential in helping the filmmakers determine changes for the final cut. The 2009 release-cut is 20 minutes longer, and ties together a great many threads:

(1) Bobby Kennedy as a key force in the success of the Civil Rights movement when he was Attorney General in the early 196s, stating on Voice of America that an African American could be President within 40 years;

(2) The assassination, investigation and fascinating trial of SIrhan Sirhan in 1969 --- for the first time audiences hear publicly large amounts of the hitherto secret tape recordings of Sirhan Sirhan while under hypnosis in his jail cell, reliving the events of June 5, 1968; also the revelation of perjury by Police at the 1969 trial that was suppressed in the media during a 1975 re-investigation of the firearms evidence;

(3) Hearing from key assassination eye-witnesses who have never before gone on-camera, including the 2 witnesses closest to RFK at the moment of the fatal shooting;

(4) Hearing from RFK himself on his political policies in video made to be a part of TV ads for the fall 1968 campaign against Richard Nixon;

(5) The reliving of 40 years of decisions following RFK's death by US Presidents, by the use of TV News reports showing the decision-making that preceded the economic and social crisis of today;

(6) The election of the nation's first African American President as predicted by RFK in the early 60s, and something that came about in no small result to RFK using his power as Attorney General in the early 1960s to utilize Federal Troops to cause the Civil Rights movement to become so indelibly entrenched that it became unstoppable, and of the strong parallels between the words and policies of President Obama today and those of RFK 40 years ago. A circle has been completed.


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